4 Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

Over time, technology has developed numerous methods for heating and cooling homes, but some of us still prefer an earlier system: wood burning stoves. There are several tremendous benefits to owning a wood burning stove. Not only are these vintage stoves efficient, they can become an attractive focal point in any room, adding a sturdy and practical appearance while still serving as a functional piece.

1. Wood burning stoves help cut costs.

One of the benefits to owning a wood burning stove is saving on gas consumption and bills, especially if you only burn reclaimed materials instead of chopping firewood. This is good for both the environment and your wallet! Making up for the cost of installation and purchase in as little as three years, you can save up to 50% on energy bills by using reclaimed materials in your wood burning stove. Another option available is purchasing a clean-burning wood stove. Perfect for “no smoke” areas where the levels of pollution are monitored by the government, clean-burning stoves decrease carbon monoxide omissions by up to 65 percent. Call a National Property Inspections inspector today so that we can help you take the next step towards a greener, less costly home utility bill.

2. They’re a renewable source.

Wood burning stoves have been an integral part of heating homes for hundreds of years for good reason. Despite common opinion, burning wood is actually a much greener alternative to burning other chemical agents to heat the home, and it’s a renewable resource that can be reproduced again and again to fill the need. According to Green Match, burning wood only produces 0.008kg of CO2 per KWH, compared to 0.198kg and 0.517kg for gas and electricity, respectively. With all of the green initiatives currently emerging, this one is a no-brainer.

3. Having a wood burning stove is convenient in the event of a power outage.

Not only are you set for winter, you’ll be set for harsh winter storms. One of the benefits to this great piece of equipment is that it needs no electricity or gas to run, and thus is self-sustaining in the event of a power outage. While other homeowners are struggling to get the power back on, you can simply add another log to the fire, kick back, and relax.

4. You can place a wood burning stove almost anywhere.

Perhaps the greatest and most convenient benefit to having a wood burning stove is the ability to install it virtually anywhere. As long as it is away from curtains and similar flammable objects, a wood burning stove can be placed anywhere a vent pipe can be installed. With just a few wood burning stoves strategically placed throughout the house, the need for a central heating system could be eliminated.

With their versatility, innumerable utility savings, and environmental benefits, wood burning stoves are a great option for almost any household. Once installed, you and your family will have no problem staying warm this winter. Contact your National Property Inspections professional today for an evaluation on your home before the frost sets in. Do you have a question about wood burning stoves? Comment below!


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