Get Organized Now: 5 Home Resolutions for the New Year

The start of a new year marks the perfect time to enact positive life changes. What better area to start than the place you call home? Here are five home resolutions that will help you get organized now and create a happy, healthy living environment you can feel proud of.

1. Get Organized

Clutter consistently tops the list of at-home stressors–that’s why it tops our list of resolutions. When it comes to exactly how to get organized, nixing clutter can be tricky. Depending on the type and quantity of items you’re dealing with, as well as the space you have to work in, your solution could vary wildly from the next person’s.

To get organized now, though, here are two rules, that apply to just about everyone’s clutter situation:

1. Donate anything you don’t need and/or don’t use on a regular basis.
2. Make wise decisions about the items you introduce into your home.

When it comes to creating more storage solutions for your home, one key piece of advice is to look up. Mounted wall shelves, cubbies and racks can not only free up valuable floor space, they can also double as attractive décor. Getting organized and giving your space a fresh look to kick off a promising new year is a win-win.

2. Save Energy

We all want to save more, earn more and spend our hard-earned wages on the things that really matter. Recommitting to cutting back on energy use and considering “going green” is a great way to accomplish a little bit of everything in the finance category. You can shave hundreds of dollars off your bill in the course of a year and potentially earn tax write-offs and homeowner’s insurance discounts. Plus, by investing in things like energy-efficient light bulbs, you’re investing in the health of our planet. Check out our best tips for saving energy here.

3. Do That Project You’ve Been Putting Off

Whether it’s re-caulking windows or finally taking down that outdated wallpaper border, we all have that one home maintenance project we’ve been putting off for months (or in some cases, years). Make 2018 the year of doing. It might be a pain to spend a few evenings up on that ladder, but the feeling of getting it done will be well worth it. So put on your favorite music or a podcast and get scraping! (Or caulking, cleaning, refinishing. . .). You may even be able to get the whole family involved.

4. Plant a Tree

Trees are excellent for the environment because they help keep the air clear of pollutants. They can even help save energy by keeping streets cool, cutting down on air conditioning needs in the summer. Trees also happen to be beautiful to look at and neat to watch grow. This year, plant a tree (or a whole row!) as a family. You’ll make fun memories and create lasting good with just one small act.

5. Purify Indoor Air

Even the most spotless homes can feel a little stuffy or take on a musty odor. Now is a great time to make sure that the air quality in your house is top-notch. You’ll likely notice a positive change in your overall mood by:

Cleaning up after your pet. This includes thoroughly cleaning up after any accidents that happen as soon as you can after they occur. You should also vacuum often to remove fur and pet dander from furniture and carpet.

Change your furnace filters. You should change your HVAC system’s filters at least once every three months. They need changed once a month during months of heavy use, like winter.

Don’t smoke inside. Really, don’t smoke at all! But definitely refrain from smoking or allowing others to smoke inside your home.

Open the windows. Every now and again, it’s a good idea to let a little fresh air in the old-fashioned way. This isn’t always possible because of harsh weather conditions, so be sure to take advantage of mild days.

To get a handle on what needs done around your home, call your nearest National Property Inspections inspector today. Our highly trained inspectors have the knowledge and experience to help you accomplish all your home resolutions.


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