Spend Your Gift Card on These Home Improvement Tools

If you still have a gift card from the holidays burning a hole in your wallet, we’re here to give you some ideas to spend it on. Here are some of the best home improvement tools you wouldn’t think to buy for yourself, but won’t know how you lived without.

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer


Miles ahead of your traditional tape measure, we love this pocket-sized tool for its accuracy and 165-foot range. It’s especially useful for contractors who bid by the square foot, or anyone who needs to quickly and accurately determine (to 1/16th inch) the size of a room. You can also sync it with a variety of Bosch measuring apps via Bluetooth, which makes this a must-have for us.

iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot


Welcome to the future you’ve always dreamed of. This tank-treaded robot fits into most standard-sized gutters, clearing leaves and debris as you control its movement from the blessed safety of solid ground. Its powerful motor clears the toughest clogs in one pass, saving you time and energy. About the only thing it can’t do is fly up to the gutter by itself (we’re thinking that feature is coming soon).

Dead On Annihilator



Who doesn’t want to own a tool called the Annihilator? This is the ultimate wrecking bar and demolition tool—it’ll get you through your next remodel project and the impending zombie apocalypse without breaking a sweat. It hammers nails, straightens boards and even opens bottles after a long day of destruction. Its ax head is designed to shred through drywall and strip conduit, and it also has a built-in wrench for torque and chisel to get under tile.

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

We’d all like to have more than two arms while we’re on the job, but these give you the next best thing. Instead of keeping your fasteners in your mouth while you’re hammering, you can use these comfortable and lightweight magnetic wristbands to keep screws, nails, nuts and bolts secure and at the ready. It’s equipped with super-strong magnets so you can even use it to hold small tools like wrenches until you’re ready to use them.

Wagner PaintEATER


If there’s something more mind-numbing than watching paint dry, it’s trying to scrape it off by hand. If you have a house that needs repainting and don’t want to spend days on the first step, you need a PaintEATER. It cuts through peeling paint in a fraction of the time but it’s gentle on wood, leaving a perfectly prepped surface that’s ready for priming. Paint adheres better with a more uniform coat, and it lasts longer, too. The only question now is what you’ll do with all your extra free time.

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