Congratulations on 5 Year Anniversaries

Congratulation goes out to Bryan Nye of Charleston, South Carolina and Byron Ling of Fayetteville, North Carolina on being with National Property Inspections for 5 Years. Thanks guys.

Today’s Tip: Outdoor Work Safety

It is important to be conscientious of safety anywhere in the home. This includes the garage and shed too. Here are a few tips to stay safe on the rest of your property:

  • Keep flammable materials in a shed instead of your garage, especially if it is attached to your home.
  • Store hazardous materials in a locked container or shed to keep children and pets out.
  • Keep gasoline in a container made for its use. Try to always store gasoline in an unattached garage or shed to minimize fire hazard.
  • When using flammable materials, be sure to wear any safety goggles, gloves, or masks if the label calls for it.
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Today’s Tip: Fire Safety

It’s always a good idea to keep fire safety in mind. There are a few things you can do to make sure your family is kept safe:

  1. Test your alarms monthly and replace batteries immediately if needed
  2. Replace batteries every year
  3. Have a fire alarm on each floor of the house, especially in spots where people sleep
  4. Don’t place your alarms near the kitchen or bathroom, because of the increased chance of false alarms
  5. Your alarms should be replaced every 10 years


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Mortgage Rates Hit 50 Year Low

As an encouraging sign for home sales, mortgage rates are at their lowest rates in 50 years. A survey released by Freddie Mac has shown promising figures that may act as an incentive for new homeowners to buy homes.  >>>Link to Full Story


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Franchising is One Route to Entrepreneurship

A franchise can be a person’s opportunity to start their own business and pursue a career on their own terms. Franchises are expected to grow 2.5% this year according to International Franchise Association projections. This will create nearly 200,000 new jobs this fiscal year. Many economists see bank lending as an improving situation thanks to a new focus on freeing up money for business owners. With a thaw in bank lending, opportunities for owning a franchise will grow. >>>Link to Full Story


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Recall: Philips Lighting Compact Fluorescent Flood Lamps

A recall has been announced for Philips Lighting EnergySaver and Marathon Compact Fluorescent Dimmable Reflector Flood Lamps. This is due to possible laceration hazard. This recall affects approximately 1.86 million units in the United States. >>>Full Story

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Number of Franchises Will Grow 2.5% This Year

The Internal Franchise Association is estimating that that the number of franchises in America will grow by 2.5% this year. This is a sign of strength in a weaker economy and shows that opening a franchise is seen as a positive investment. >>>Full Story

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Tip of the Day: Saving Power With Your Computer

Most computers utilize a default “sleep mode”. By using the sleep mode on your computer you can save 70% of the power your device would normally use while idle.


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Small Business Borrowing At Highest Level In 3 Years

As a sign to an improving economic outlook, small business borrowing has reached its highest level since April of 2008. It has jumped 25% over June numbers from last year. With small business growth being an important indicator of economic health, this is seen as a positive step in recovery. Full Story.


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Recall: Honeywell Electric Baseboard and Fan Heater Thermostats

A recall has been announced for Honeywell electric baseboard and fan heater thermostats due to burn hazard. This recall effects about 77,000 units in the United States. Full Story

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