Peer-to-Peer Lending Growing in Popularity

Many small business owners, frustrated with traditional bank lending, are now turning to Peer-to-Peer lending websites. The two largest sites that offer this service are Prosper and Lending club. Small business owners can go to one of these sites and be connected with others who have money to loan. The application process is typically much faster than a bank loan and interest rates can be reasonable depending on your credit history, debt to income ratio, and other financial factors. >>>Link to Full Story.

Bank and Lending Outlook for 2012

Steve Bartlett of the Financial Services Roundtable explains that there are many positive signs related to lending in the next year. He believes that lending to small businesses is loosening among America’s biggest banks. According to his December 20th interview on CNBC, he notes that the American financial system realizes it needs to finance economic recovery and that “US banks have more capital than at any other point in American history”. >>>Link to Video.


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Franchise Growth Projected for 2012

A report for the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation shows positive signs for franchise growth in the new year. It is estimated that consumer spending will grow by 2.2%, franchises will add another 1.8% to the U.S. GDP, and the number of franchised establishments will grow 1.9% in 2012. With franchises contributing 12% to the U.S. private sector work force, these projections paint a healthy outlook for a stabilizing American economy. >>>Link to Full Story.

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Happy Holidays From NPI and GPI

National Property Inspections and Global Property Inspections would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

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Congratulations on 20 Years

NPI would like to thank Greg Owens of Lincolnshire, IL for a great 20 years with us. Congratulations Greg on your continued success.

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New Optimism For U.S. Economy

USA Today recently published an article showing some positive growth in the U.S. economy. These potential signs can be a source of encouragement and show that the U.S. recession is slowly lifting. Here are a few reasons for optimism:

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Home Market Making Gains This Fall

According to the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales saw an increase in October of this year. This shows positive growth in the realty sector with a 1.4% gain in that month. This is a 13.5% increase over October 2010 for single-family, townhome, and condominium sales.

Another positive sign is the decline of empty homes sitting on the market. There was 2.2% decrease in vacant properties by the end of October and it looks like it will be a steady decline. Additionally, home sales increased in 3 of the 4 regions of America: The Midwest, South, and West. >>>Link to Full Story.

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House Passes Bill to Monitor Regulatory Committees

The House has passed a bill, H.R. 527, that requires regulatory committees to provide alternatives to some rules that may stunt small business growth. The bill also allows greater power to those small businesses that would like to fight a ruling by an organization. These regulatory committees, such as, The EPA and OSHA, would be somewhat limited in enforcing some of their more debatable rules with this new legislation. >>>Link To Full Story.

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SBA Opens Up Equity

The SBA is allowing business owners to refinance commercial loans and restructure debt. The 504 Loan Refinancing Program is temporary and will expire in September of 2012.  Re-allocated funds can be used to for payroll, utilities, insurance or anything related to business operations. The SBA hopes that this program can alleviate some of the difficulties small business owners are experiencing in attaining funds in the immediate future.

>>>Link To Full Story.

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Franchises Offer New Opportunities

For many Americans the ability to be their own boss and control their destiny has led them to franchise ownership. Over 7.8 million jobs are directly provided by franchises and they create some $740 billion in revenue for the U.S. yearly. Here are some examples of people who made the choice to become a franchisee. >>>Link To Full Story.

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