Using a sUAS on Home Inspections

By Randy Yates, Training Consultant Administrator, NPI/GPI Corporate Office


After three years of anticipation the time has finally arrived where it is legal and feasible to use a sUAS, better known as a drone to do aerial video and photography for roof inspections for residential and commercial properties.  There are some things that you must do, the biggest being taking and passing the airman’s knowledge test. Without passing the test you cannot use a drone commercially.

How do you know what to study for to take the test?  I would highly recommend taking a training course from a couple of options.  I took a flight and ground school course from which may be the way you would want to go.  There is also a course available on-line if you can learn from that type of training from for the low price of $99.00, lifetime ownership, which may be worth the investment considering you will have to renew your sUAS pilot’s license every 24 months.  They claim they will be updating their course as the FAA changes the rules.

Even if you choose to fly a drone for hobby or recreation you MUST register your drone if it weighs more than 0.5lbs. and less than 55lbs.  Failure to register your drone could cost you a fine of up to $30000.00 and possible imprisonment.

You must carry insurance in case you have an accident.  More details to follow in my next post on which drone should I use.

Yates PhotoWith more than 10 years of experience in his current position and over 30 years of experience in remodeling and contracting, Randy Yates provides technical training to new NPI/GPI inspectors and provides field support to all NPI/GPI inspectors.

NPI and GPI home inspectors have the tools and knowledge to assess your home from roof to foundation. Consult with your local NPI or GPI inspector for your next home inspection.

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